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Writo de Mayo

Hi! Well, I participated (sorta) in Camp NaNoWriMo and it has thrown my year off completely! I forgot May was right after April until I looked at the date this morning! LOL Yeah, I know, I should pay more attention. :D

I did post my goals for May this morning. And here we go!

1. Will write at least 1,000 words a day for a count of at least 31,000.
Now, I would love to write more of course because I bet I'm at least 100,000 behind if I have any hope of hitting my goal of 1,000,000 words this year. Okay, the numbers make me nauseous so I'm going on to the next goal.

2. Will get the living room cleaned and rearranged so I can get the couch and chair from my Grandma's house.
My Grandma passed away on March 1, which happened to be her 95th birthday. It's still really hard because I was spending 4 days a week with her taking care of her. Well, anyway, I've been helping my Mom and Aunt sort through and clean everything at her house and figuring out what Grandma wanted for everything in her house. Mom and Aunt Marsha asked me if I wanted the couch and chair in the den. I of course said yes as I looked around my living room and realized I have no idea where to put them! So, I must figure out how to rearrange everything so I can fit the couch and chair in here. Oh, and I have got to take a picture of both so that I can share how cool they are! :D Probably from the 50s or 60s and the arms are flat and like extra places to sit. They are sooooo comfortable. The couch is the one I used to fall asleep on when Grandma would take her nap in the afternoons, even when I never meant to fall asleep! LOL So anyway, I must rearrange so I can get them.

3. Will sort my writing and find some place to write instead of the desk in the bedroom which sucks out all creativity. Yeah, I need a place to write. I write while sitting on the couch in the living room but I tend to fall asleep. And it just doesn't work out write because I've got all sorts of stuff all different places. I need to get my Civil War books in one area and my notes and everything. I need to sort my other books too because they're all over the place. Which leads right to number four!

4. Will clean and paint the old chest of drawers in order to make it a new bookcase. My son hated his chest of drawers. I think it was because it matched the old bunk beds they outgrew and he's almost 17 so he's too cool for kid ones. So, we took the drawers out and burned them in the outdoor wood stove. Then I was wandering around online and found a repurpose of a chest of drawers into a bookcase! I looked at our empty chest and thought, shoot, I can do that! *beams* I just need to put some wood in for shelves and it's ready to go! Well, once it is cleaned and painted of course! :D I'm excited! So maybe, if the weather cooperates, I'll get it all finished this month!

Okay, there it is. My list of goals and their explanations. :D Hopefully May goes a little better than the rest of the year has so far. I'll make sure to pop in here and update my counts and everything! *waves*

Peace, Love, and Giggles,


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