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Writing Goals

I made resolutions this year and then I decided I would make Writing resolutions for the year instead of just saying "I'll write every single day and I'll work on my list" which is what I'd been doing lately and failing miserably. Maybe if there's specific goals it could be more helpful! Who am I kidding? It's never easy for me to keep up with my goals and resolutions!

I'll just be putting my writing goals in here instead of everything since this is just my NaNoWriMo one. I'll put everything over in my regular eljay at elisgalpal and then I put my writing goals over on my writing eljay at weakmoments too.

1. Write at least 500 words a day...attempt 1,000.

2. Organize, organize, organize!!

3. Finish everything on Giant Fic List by the end of the year including both big damn tables and NaNoLJers tables.

4. Participate in Writo de Mayo

5. Think about Camp NaNoWriMo

6. Participate in NaNoWriMo

7. Don't forget writing groups on Facebook! TELL family I'm going to write ins and they'll have to deal.

8. Finish notes and first part of Civil War Trilogy. Or at least finish all research and notes.

9. If a story isn't finished and can't be finished because I'm not feeling it anymore, trash it or file it away somewhere. Get it OUT OF SIGHT!!

10. Hide Inner Editor unless actually editing! You know you write more that way and have no fears!

11. Participate in contests and really think about taking that next step!

And I think that is all. Or that is all I have come up with so far. I may have to add to it when I realize I have forgotten something. Because I'm sure there's something I have forgotten! LOL

Happy New Year!

Okay, so it isn't exactly 2013 yet here in VA but I probably won't think about making a post later on! LOL I mean, I have so many issues remembering to make posts anyway so how can I possibly remember to make one tonight? *grins*

See, perfect example is the fact that I started this post a couple of hours ago and just now remembered I didn't finish it! LOL Yeah, I'm awake and alert huh? Haven't even had any alcohol! Yet! He bought champagne...cheap I'm sure and I'm also fairly sure neither of us knows how to open it! LOL Could be interesting!

It has been a fairly peaceful night since I've been upstairs and they've all been downstairs watching football. I wanted to watch the Dick Clark special though so I stayed up here. I hope everyone has a wonderful 2013 filled with lots of joy and love and laughter!

Peace, Love, Giggles, and happy writing,

And it is over...

So NaNoWriMo is over and I totally sucked with updating in here huh? Yeah. My grand total which I got somewhere around 11:45 PM last Friday night was 50,057 words. I only had to write just under 10,000 words to get the win that day so better than last year! Still a bunch but better than last year at just over 20,000 the last day!

Now, my story. I think I like it. I think the last two years I have written stories for NaNo that I would like to finish, rewrite, edit, fix, and then maybe even do something with which is much better than the first five years. four years. How many years have I been doing this? LOL First year was the epic fail fanfic which I'm still not sure I've done anything with it. *adding it to my fanfic list to finish* Then there were the two years where it was all about the therapy...or what I like to call my man hating no good lying cheating sonofabitch stories. Then there's the fanfic I wrote for Gilmore Girls which still scares me trying to write for that one but I felt Rory and Tristan needed a happy ending so it's a future fic. Too much pressure with all of the words and pop culture references and just all around sharpness of writing Gilmore Girls has slowed that one down tremendously in the finishing department. And the year where I used songs to inspire my fic...kinda had characters based on real people so nothing will ever come of that one in the future without being completely rewritten! And I have last years with a theme of falling as she pulls her life together while fixing up her great aunts old home and this year with my winter theme memories helping him save himself along with his classmates from a hostage situation. See, it always sounds better in my head and in the actual story than it does when I try to explain it. That is exactly why I HATE writing summaries.

So, the point of this post? I am a 2012 NaNoWriMo winner for the 6th year in a row and out of all of those there is only two stories I might be able to do anything with in the future! LOL Ehh, s'okay, there's those two years where I got a good month's worth of therapy which helped me tremendously!

Peace, Love, Giggles, and writing,

Okay...so this is how it's gonna be today

Last week I fought a stupid headache the whole week. My kids have been a little stuffy and such so my assumption is that it is too flippin' dry in the house. So I put a big pot of water on the stove, let it simmer all day with cinnamon, ground cloves, some orange generic kool aid mix, lemonade or lemon juice, and that helped get moisture in the air. Plus? The kitchen smelled great! But today...I ran out of cloves the other day so I haven't had the pot on and boom, nasty headache this mornin' with a sore throat. My suggestion for like the last ten years is hey husband, I think it would be great if we could get a humidifier. No no no wife, there is a special humidifier that is hooked up to the heat so we don't need to buy another one. *rolls eyes* Yes, stupid husband, I realize that but you chose some idiot to do our heating stuff when you built the house and I really do not think he hooked it up correctly because It. Never. Worked! Ugh.

So today, I took a nap this morning after drinking two mugs of tea and taking aspirin so the headache is better. Throat is killing me. But now I write. I write and write and write and write. I will get as many words as possible before turning the TV on for the Talk because BSB is on today and well, I'm still all giddy because Kevin is back! *grins* Right here? I've written 259 words! See, fantastic and it has only taken me a smidge to do that! *checks clock* Uh, not much time now, must write! *waves*

Words as of right now... 14762
Goal for midnight tonight 20000

I'll let y'all know how I do!


Yeah, teenagers. *rolls eyes* You would think that three kids, ages 17, 15, and 14, could at least fix their own food maybe. Right? Yeah, you would think that now wouldn't you? And in my house you'd be wrong. So I'm behind. And I've gotta get up in the morning, or later on this morning, to get the boys up to go hunting. Oh no. Oh man, if they actually kill a deer that means we have to get it from the woods to the house, hang it, and then cut it up and grind the meat and then freeze the meat. Uhh, the husband is away for work. The one time anyone in the family is going hunting that I might actually hope they don't kill anything! lol Anyway, my kids cannot do a whole lot of anything by themselves which is sucking me away from my writing. Blah.

Word count. Right now I am at 5853 which isn't all that horrible considering I had a nasty headache all day and night Saturday where I didn't get much writing done considering the keys sounded sooo flippin loud while I was typing and my paper was so white and blinding. Over 3,000 total on Sunday. I'll be up super early in the morning so I will be writing and I shall throw an update out tomorrow evening before Hawaii Five-0 because I always get wound up when I watch and I really don't know if I can write about winter after watching a show that is in Hawaii! *grins*

Happy Writing y'all!


Peace, Love, and Giggles,

Day One!

Yes, I realize we're barely into day one but I had to share my joy because I've reached my word count for the day! If I hadn't eaten all of my chocolate, well, I could have had a treat tonight! No, I kept seeing it, I'd hide it again but then it was too much for me and I ate my chocolate.

My word count so far is 1700. No, I have no idea how I ended with such a nice round number but I did! Oh and I shall keep writing because I figure if I can write as much as I can early on in the month, that leaves me with much less stress the end of the month! I will not have to write over 5000 words in a day the last week of writing...WILL NOT do that this year!

Okay, off to sleep so that I can get up early in the morning to get the kids off to school. Yes, in about 4 hours I'll be back up. *sigh* But then I can nap a bit while they're at school!

Peace, Love, Giggles, and Writing,

NaNo prep

I went to our local NaNoWriMo prep last night where we wrote letters! Handwritten because it was National Handwriting Day...or something like that yesterday. I chose to write a letter from my Main Character )that is still nameless) to his wife that I found out is dead as I began writing. I am still freaking out a bit with writing a story where my main character is a man. I need to do more letter writing or note taking or research to get into his head and figure out what it is he wants to do and what he's gonna tell me. He already told me close to 5 things I didn't already know with just one letter so I am actually hopeful this year's NaNo will go okay!

Ugh, I have to run...my stomach is growling and if it is anything like yesterday if I don't eat I'll be starved the rest of the day no matter how much I eat later on! LOL It was really bad yesterday...in the doctor's office with my son no less! :D

Peace, Love, Giggles, and Writing,


November is closer and closer

NaNoWriMo is just around the corner and up until a few days ago I didn't know what I would write. Well, there were ideas but not any specifics. Then yesterday, I was sitting in the tiny little Sears Auto Center waiting area, wind gusts every time the door opened, and thankfully I had my notebook. I'd kinda wanted to write something that takes place in the winter and for some odd reason my brain is telling me my main character is going to be a man this year. Yeah, never have I ever written the man as the main character, main voice other than in various fanfics but those are easy because the characters are already there. Unless of course it's AU or AR and things go a lil wonky and out of character but I don't end up going too far out there simply because it drives me nuts if it is the character but not the character, ya know? So anyway, I stare at the blank paper and I open my Bird by Bird book and then grab my trusty No Plot No Problem and somehow, inspiration hit! *beams* Now I have a plan and scenes and all sorts of things! Yay!!

Oh, and by the way, the serial Killer story...it still may be written but I have to be back in that pissed off killer frame of mind. Once I got over my awful anger of that weekend I kinda lost the urge to write it. Which of course freaked me out because that meant I had nothing for November! :D

Now, I am going to work on a wallpaper calendar for NaNo because I cannot seem to find one that is all wintry and holidayish but there are awfully pretty winter wallpapers out there that I can play around with and add a calendar to! *grins*

Peace, Love, and Giggles,


Well, thanks to memories flooding back to me from 25 years ago I am all sappy and nostalgic today which is always a good thing because this mood always helps me write! I definitely need that today...and the rest of the month! Not doing too bad with my goals so far. I would like to be doing much better though...

Okay, off to finish fics and get my word count up for Writo de Mayo!

Goals for Writo de Mayo


I figure I should go ahead and post my goals for Writo de Mayo so that I can see them in here and stick with them! If I remember correctly I had some issues last year sticking to my goals in May. I suppose my first goal needs to be to make sure I make it out to the garage more often so that I can get my writing typed up on the computer since it is a bit of an issue typing here on my kindle. Not bad but not all that easy. Shame they don't make a keyboard for the Fire. Anyway, goals...

1. finish all of my H50 fics...or at least come close to finishing all of them. Scared to even count how many fics there are to finish!

2. try to finish as many other fanfics as I can and say goodbye to those stories I don't think I can ever finish. Or pack them up somewhere for much later.

3. Organize my giant fic list and my writing. It always seems to end up a giant mess. Also post my fics that I finish.

4. Continue working on Civil War trilogy and NaNo from last year because I really ended up liking that one! :)

5. Find an inspirational and functional place to do all my writing, make it pretty, organize my books and such.

As for a daily word count...probably along the lines of a daily nano count if I want to meet my goals.

Whew, yeah. Really hoping I can stick with it and have a wonderful Writo de Mayo!

Peace, love, giggles and writing,


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